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  • Dist.- Nadia
  • Pin-741501
  • Phone : 9732154317


Education is limitless and its potential is infinite. Keeping in mind the drastic change that 21st century has in store, we intend to sail with positive energy. We are looking forward to:

  • Publish college magazine (bilingual) and wall magazine, Organize seminars at the international/national/state levels and introduce students’ participation programmes under various schemes
  • Introduce prize for meritorious students having regular attendance and good performance in the various examinations conducted by our college and university
  • Conduct parent-teacher meeting in order to give feedback of the overall academic progress of the student to his/her guardian and receive constructive suggestion for betterment of our institution
  • Introduce students’ departmental aid fund and book bank to support the needy
  • Conduct educational tours and student exchange programmes
  • Provide student concession in railway fare
  • Form alumni association for betterment of communication between present and ex-students of our college
  • Start cheap college canteen for students and college staff
  • tart complaint and grievance redressal cell to cater to the needs and problems of students
  • Introduce new subjects like Geography, Film study, B.C.A.
  • Tie up with vocational centers of studies in the field of information technology
  • Start computer centre with non-stop internet surfing option
  • Introduce National Cadet Corpse (N.C.C)
  • Provide remedial coaching to students
  • Built cycle and motor-cycle shed
    • Introduce carrier counseling cell.
    • Introduce Wi-Fi zone in the college campus.
    • Introduce Academic diary of the students.
    • Introduce Good library with study room.
    • Introduce E-library
    • Plantation of medicinal plants.

Principal's Message

Every historic milestone has its beginning in the simplest of actions. The sweetest of flowers has a modest beginning in the small bud. The largest of trees has its origin in the tiniest of seeds.          Read More..

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